Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

What is Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL Photofacial)?

IPL is a non-invasive medical technology that uses light therapy for multiple cosmetic uses in clinics. These include:

• Permanent Hair Reduction
• Removing Age (liver) Spots
• Sun Spots
• Freckle Removal
• Regulate Pigment (color) on the Skin (Dyschromia)
• Vascular Treatments (including spider veins)
• Treating benign vascular lesions
• Rosacea Treatments
• Acne Treatments

How does an IPL Photofacial work?

Like a laser, Intense Pulsed Lights Treatment works on a similar principal where light energy is absorbed into certain targeted cells with chromophore (color) in the skin. The light is then converted to heat, which damages the target cells, rendering it incapable of performing its regular duty (perhaps producing hair or color). This action is limited to the target site only and the surrounding skin is unaffected.

Are there any side effects from having this treatment?

Generally, no. However, you may experience some short lived effects from the treatment. These may include:

• Slight redness of the skin in the area treated
• Slight swelling of the skin in the area treated

Both these are only short term effects and should resolve within a few hours.

When treating the skin for pigmentation, the treated area will darken over the coming days after treatment, before beginning to fade.

Is there any ‘down time’ or restrictions to my activities after having IPL?

Most people can return to work after their treatment, but there are some restrictions to be aware of:

• No hot steamy showers for the next 24 hours
• No gym sessions for the next 24 hours
• No strenuous activities (eg: anything that works up a sweat) for the next 24 hours
• No pools, spas, saunas for the next 24 hours
• No sunscreen on the treated area(s) for the next 24 hours

So if you are a gym instructor, lifeguard, gardener, construction worker or any other occupation or activity that will have you sweating up a storm or out in the hot sun – then NO you WILL NOT be able to go straight back to work.

Other than that, its relatively simple and easy. If in doubt, just call us (480-433-0525), that’s what we are here for.

How many treatments are required and how often are they done?

• Pigment treatment – 3 to 6 treatments – usually 2 to 3 weeks apart
• Vascular (vein) treatments – up to 4 treatments per site – usually 2 to 3 weeks apart
• Acne treatment – 4 to 6 treatments – usually 1 to 2 weeks apart
• Skin rejuvenation – 4 to 6 treatments are recommended – usually 2 to 3 weeks apart
• Permanent hair reduction – 6 to 12 treatments – usually 4 to 6 weeks apart

Who CAN’T have IPL treatments?

Many people can undergo treatment with no issue whatsoever. Unfortunately, some patients will simply be unable to have this treatment. This can be a temporary situation, when a particular health issue arises or in some cases they are completely excluded from treatment.

Below are a range of conditions that may impact your suitability for treatment:

• Pregnancy
• Anti-biotics
• Cancer (either present or past history)
• Keloid Scars (a thickened, raised scar)
• Epileptics
• Any tanned skin – yes, even a fake tan!
• Hairs that are white or grey (they simply cannot be detected by the beam, sorry!)
• Anyone who is on a medication that makes you more sensitive to light. Doctors often refer to this as being ‘photo sensitive’. Ask your doctor about any medications you may be taking, but many will tell you if they are prescribing something for you that is photo sensitizing.
• Anyone taking an oral retinoid, such as Ro Accutane – even if you have ceased the medication, we won’t be able to treat you for the following 12 months.
• People with hormonal issues – such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome – you will need to see to the hormonal issues and have them regulated BEFORE undergoing a course of treatments, otherwise, it simply is ineffective and a waste of your money

FOR HAIR REDUCTION TREATMENTS ONLY – If you have waxed or plucked your hair in the treated area in the past 2-3 weeks. As the IPL is targeting a colored area (in this case the hair under the skin) when you wax or pluck the hair it removes this, therefore the IPL has nothing to focus in on. You will need to wait until the hair bulb reforms to have your treatment.

Who is suitable for IPL?

Most people may be treated with IPL, if you have a health concern however, your doctor should determine if your health is suitable for IPL treatments. People with darker skin types are also suitable to utilize IPL at our clinic, this is due to the improved technology available from the system we use, however, you should be aware that people with darker skin types often take longer to achieve desired results.

All patients wanting to undertake an IPL treament will need to come in for a consultation, there we will conduct a thorough consultation, taking into consideration past medical history, along with current treatments you may also be having to determine your suitability for treatment and if any preparation may be required PRIOR to treatment commencement.

To schedule your consultation, please call our scheduling line at 480-433-0525, or fill out the following form:

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