Have Your Kybella Treatment Handled By A Board Certified Doctor

Dr. Presant has over 15 years experience with injectables of various kinds. He has developed a unique method for Kybella injections which results in fewer necessary treatments to achieve comparable results.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is deoxycholic acid, aka ATX-101, the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug used to contour and improve the appearance of a double chin due to fat deposition in the area.

Kybella involves a series injections applied to the subdermal area under the chin. It causes the fat cells to break open and release their fat contents which are emulsified for permanent removal. A double chin treatment regimen ranges from 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the patient’s specific needs.

Each treatment takes approximately 20 minutes.

Who Needs Kybella Treatment?

Individuals who are overweight or who have lost weight and can’t seem to get rid of that hanging mass of fat under their chin (submental fat), what some people call the jiggling “turkey neck” fat. This submental fat deposit is resistant to dieting or exercise and must be removed by other means. A nonsurgical minimally invasive technique like Kybella injections is a convenient alternative, especially for those who are opposed to surgery.

Will It Really Remove My Double Chin?

Yes. When compared to liposuction, a Kybella treatment involves less down time, less pain, and is a more discreet procedure. It is typically cheaper than liposuction or smart-lipo.

Improved Application Process

Instead of using sharp needles, we use the latest technology in our application of dermal fillers, known as DermaSculpt MicroCannula. With this technology, Dr. Presant is able to ensure a faster recovery, significantly less bruising (even no bruising), and patients report a more comfortable application experience.

How Much Does A Kybella Injection Cost?

Because each patient’s needs are different, we do not quote a price without seeing you. Our inital consultation is complimentary, and for first time patients we are currently offering a special on your first treatment. Dr. Presant’s unique method of application leads to an overall lower cost to you when compared with other similar services. To schedule your consultation, please fill out the following form, or call for more information.



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