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Botox for Depression?

Publication recently by a Maryland physician of a study that showed 75% of subjects treated with Botox for the frown wrinkles between the eyebrows had improvement of symptoms of depression. This was so dramatic that Botox to this area is being proposed as an adjunctive treatment for depression.

Apparently, the subjects just felt better, without the contraction of the “frown muscles”, and they exhibited happier behavior.

We have been telling patients about surveys that showed that people respond better to you when you are not frowning. This controlled study really takes it to the next level!

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Vein Disease and have no Symptoms?

Q: Can I have vein disease and have no symptoms?

A: At last week’s meeting of the American College of Phlebology, in a session concerning venous insufficiency in women, it was a general consensus that approximately 10% of women with medically significant venous insufficiency have no complaint of any symptoms. One physician present suggested having these patients try on medical support hose, and they notice their legs feel better immediately. What this confirms is what vein specialists have known for years, that a subset of patients have become so used to their symptoms that they minimize or ignore mild to moderate symptoms. They eventually seek help when they see bulging varicose veins or pigmentation develop.

VOLUMA XC facial filler

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Will be attending the American College of Phlebology Annual Congress
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